Gifford Lane Coconut Grove Art Stroll Show

Had a fantastic time at this art show. The weather was beautiful and the people were fabulous met so many people interested in my art work and also my doggie jewelry. I am posting photos of my booth and a really funny dog with a tutu I thought you might enjoy.

I laugh so hard when I saw this. Everybody got a kick out of it and came over to pet her. Took a picture when she stopped by my table.

This is the front view of my table and as you can see there is an empty space on the left my first sale of the day a sweet orchid painting $50.00 not bad for the start of the day. Took the picture before I got to busy chatting away with anyone that came to my table.

This photo is of the right side. My trusty umbrella gave me a nice shade when I got to sit down. Lovely day.

Got too chatty with people forgot to take photo of what was on my table. So the two photos below are from my 2013 Pompano Beach Jazz Show I did in December. I do have a website where I sell my doggie images on bottlecaps and turn them into necklaces and pins. It is my commercial side in my artistic career. I painted a lot of doggie portraits in the 90’s and got busy last year turning those photos into the necklaces. It is fun making them I will eventually do orchids and flowers have not gotten around it.

If you want to check out my “Pawsitively charming Necklaces” go to