GroveHouse Artists

I belong to the GroveHouse Artists, a group of South Florida Artists. We have been painting and exhibiting together since 2006 first in a small gallery by the local church in Coconut Grove and then moving to a retail area a few blocks away from our original gallery. With the area becoming more expensive we were forced to go without walls and now we do exhibitions and art fairs around Miami without our gallery space. We are still looking for another great location with great walls to showcase all of our talents. Here are a few photos from when we had our gallery. The group is still active and you will see us and myself around Miami showing our paintings.

THIS IS THE WEBSITE OF THE GROUP. Check out the fantastic artists I hang around with.

This was our original gallery in 2006

grove house 1 inside

Here was the inside. Not too shabby.

This was the latest. Great location and neat place.

We would open doors when the Coconut Grove had any activities or Art Walks.

Can you spot my “Looking up Florida” painting in the background.


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